About Us

With over 20 years experience, Oakdale Consulting is an independently owned recruiting firm recognized for matching employers with highly skilled talent as well as providing experienced, flexible and affordable HR solutions to small and medium-sized businesses across Canada. Our team specializes in supporting companies in the GTA and Golden Horseshoe of Ontario.

Our mission is to provide quality results by sourcing the right candidate for each job and ensuring that the entire recruitment process is managed with true professionalism.

Drawing on over 20+ years of experience in human resource management and talent acquisition, the team at Oakdale Consulting offer: 

  1. HR Advisory Services: Your organization receives advice and assistance on Employee Relations and Retention, Diversity and Inclusion Strategies, Health, Wellness & Safety, and Employee Performance. Our team helps to strengthen your organization in recruiting and retaining a diverse and talented workforce from planning to developing HR policies and initiatives that foster an open and inclusive work culture.

  2. Employee Protection: Our team manages the benefits such as health, dental and life insurance coverage. With Oakdale Consulting, your organization receives the needed advice to protect your staff and ensure your business is adhering to all national employment and health & safety regulations.

  3. Recruitment Consulting: Our services meet the demands of your organization by achieving HR process optimization and workforce objectives. Our team reviews the job description, search for passive candidates and present a qualified shortlist of candidates that are right for the role.

  4. Immigration Talent Sourcing: A great way to address the shortage of skilled workers is to tap into experienced immigration talent pools. Your organization may not have access to this pool of talent or understand what is necessary to navigate the LMIA process. Through an affiliation with a licensed immigration consultant, Oakdale Consulting assists with employing international talent and providing solutions for recruiting, hiring and retaining skilled immigrants to help your business. 

  5. Job Search Coaching: To meet the needs of a rapidly changing competitive market, our job search coaching will guide you through the job search process by taking advantage of the latest research and job search tools and conducting mock interviews. Our team meets with you to understand your needs and objectives, followed by developing an effective job search strategy.